Beach type: Sandy

Distance from the beach: 200m

Distance from Tkon car ferry: 2km

Distance from Zadar airport: 30km

Distance from the market: 2km

Distance from the drugstore: 2km


- Apartment 1

- Apartment 2 (Studio)

- Apartment 3

- Apartment 4

- Apartment 5 (Studio)

- Apartment 6

- Apartment 7

- Apartment 8 (Studio)

- Apartment 9


Each apartment contains:

In the garden is a grill and space for sitting and eating, that you are free to use and relax in friendly chat while enjoying excellent fish.

Nearby lies city of Tkon, where is a monastery dedicated to Saint Benedict, unique of this kind in this part of Europe. The monastery dates from 11 century, and during that time is suffered lots damages and destructions. It is renewed in gothic stile during the 14 century. Today it is oasis of serenity and spirituality. Placed on top of the hill from where you can see islands and landscape from Biograd to Ravni Kotari, Vransko jezero, and all the way to Velebit and Dinara. Part of the monastery and its garden is open for public and here you can often hear comments from visitors that this is a paradise on earth.

Place is suitable for family holiday, especially for ones with small children, and for persons that wish clear air, sea, peace and lots of green plants that's island of Pašman full of. Because of landscape and configuration of island there is a lots of possibilities for recreation like cycling or waking while sand beaches are offering lots of fun for your children. The parents that have small children here can spend holidays without stress, because sand beach offer space for games, they are near apartments, and because of shades you can spend whole day on it without fear of getting sunburn.

Come and discover the pearl of this middle Dalmatian island and you will be back for new adventures.